Ablaze for God
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
What are the spiritual dynamics of leadership? How can you be a person of God - aflame, anointed and empowered by Him - truly a Spirit-filled leader? Filled with practical suggestions for leadership, this is a "how to " book for attaining spiritual victory and sharing it with others. But even more, this is convincing, convicting, and challenging book focuses on how to be a leader with God's seal and power on your leadership - ablaze for God.
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Another Valley, Another Victory, Another Love
Valetta Steel Crumley with Ed Erny
A continuation of the book Thrice through the valley (below). The love relationships Valetta found in the valleys inspire thousands perplexed in life's transitions.
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Bridge Across the Century - Volume I Japan, Korea, China
Edwin W Kilbourne
A narrative history, 100 years of OMS in Asia 1901-2001. Ernest A Kilbourne one of the founders of The Oriental Missionary Society, was alone at prayer when he received a dramatic revelation. He saw a great highway bridge arching across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. From Japan, a span of the bridge reached Korea, and from Korea a third touched China. From China, the great highway seemed to extend directly to heaven. More symbolic, across that final span would march a throng of the redeemed of Asia to their eternal home.
Ernest Kilbourne, in his lifetime would witness the fulfilment of his vision. No human story ever stands alone. Nor does this one; it is simply a part of a larger one, the account of how God is redeeming a prodigal creation. It is the story of Cowman, Kilbourne, Nakada and The Oriental Missionary Society, but it should be my story and your story too. The same Christ who called them calls every person. We should rejoice in the results of their obedience, but find in the account a challenge to give ourselves with equal purpose to the passion that consumed them, the desire to see prodigal man return to the Father's house.
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Fresh Faith for a New Century
Some miracles come slowly, testing faith and endurance. Read these stories of perseverance and victorious faith. Let your heart resonate with those who have been eyewitnesses of His miracle touch. Follow the chronologies with anticipation as His story unfolds. Through wars, persecution, earthquakes, fire, floods and famine, OMS missionaries and national co-workers found God sufficient for their every need.
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First My Friend
Rhoda Banks
Stanley Banks' life story tells of a latter-day Barnabus who encouraged generations of young missionaries and Bible college students through his roles as father, preacher, teacher, college principle, minister-at-large, and United Kingdom director of OMS International. Many around the world called him "friend" as he dynamically impacted lives for the cause of Christ.
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From Empanadas to Pulkogi
Compiled by Betty Schaberg
Favourite recipes - foreign and western - from OMS missionaries in eighteen countries.
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From the Claws of the Dragon
Carroll F. Hunt
Harry Lee's only crime was that he wanted to leave China to attend seminary. Instead he was persecuted for his faith and thrown into prison, clutched firmly in the claws of the Chinese dragon. Ruth Graham writes, "This story tells of one man who seemingly wasted his most productive years in prison. However, it was truly a tracing of the evidences of God's love. When you read Harry's story, your perspective on what really matters will be altered permanently."
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God Owns My Business
Stanley Tam
Though lawyers said it couldn't be done author Stanley Tam, president of U.S. Plastics Corporation, formally and legally made God the owner of his business. The result was a debt-free $30 million business with over 100,000 customers. Over a million dollars in profits from that business are invested annually in God's service. In "God Owns My Business," Stanley shares his secrets to success - not just in business but in his walk as a Christian layman.
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God's Power is for You
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
These joyous, inspiring, and thought-provoking meditations point to a victorious life lived close to the Master, illuminating spiritual truths and calling us to make them practical realities in our lives. Rekindling our vision for God's purpose in our lives, they encourage us to fulfil it through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. This book is for all who hunger for more of God's power and presence.
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God's Woodshed
Stanley Tam
Successful businessman Stanley Tam shares his personal experiences, including a miraculous healing from cancer, in his quest for valid discipleship. He illustrates how trips to God's "woodshed" for divine discipline, tough never pleasant, are necessary steps to sprititual repentance and renewal. If you want to experience personal revival, reading this book and following the concepts presented will change your life and bring you victory.
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He Goes Before Them
Meredith and Christine Helsby
In 1943 World War II transformed the "Happy Way Courtyard" in China from a Christian haven to a prison home for 1800 civilians from Allied nations. Among those prisoners were OMS missionaries Meredith and Christine Helsby. They relate the dramatic story of God's protection and answered prayer during their family's nearly four years of imprisonment by Japanese military and the years following their release.
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Heroes of the Holy Life
Wesley l. Duewel
Heroes of the Holy Life is Dr. Duewel's newest book. The book recounts life stories of fourteen outstanding Christians who inspire and challenge readers to live Godlier lives. The men and women, some well-known and others not, come from may parts of the world from the 14th to the 20th centuries
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His Banner Over Me
Florence Cavender
God's call took OMS missionary Florence Cavender from the rivers of Columbia, South America, to the jungle villages of the Kuna Indians. Relating such experiences as musically ministering to the river people on the launch Crusader, fearlessly facing opposition to Protestants, or laughing over learning the Kuna language, Florence brings life to the theme verse of her autobiography, ...His banner over me was love (Song of Solomon 2:4)
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How I Met Jesus
Edited by John Sung-Chul Hong
Twenty voices from East and West - fifteen Korean laymen, laywomen, and clergy, plus five internationals - share their testimonies of a life -changing experience of meeting God through Jesus Christ. John Hong, professor and director of the World Evangelization Research Center at Seoul Theological University, has woven together this compilation of stories for people who want to find themselves or assist others in meeting Him.
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In These Mortal Hands
Robert D. Wood
Over 10,000 consecutive nights 15,000 Japanese were converted to Christianity. Thus in 1901 began a movement that became The Oriental Missionary Society, now known as OMS International. Robert Wood, historian and former editor of OMS OUTREACH magazine, traces God's work through OMS during the Mission's first 50 years.
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Iron Sharpens Iron
Warren Hardig
" One man drawing another into the challenge of world evangelism through his life and testimony - this is the genius of Men For Missions International," says Executive Director Warren Hardig. In keeping with that theme, Warren shares his testimony as a former successful businessman whose heart God touched on an OMS trip to Haiti. The testimonies of nine other men whose lives were changed by God through MFMI are also featured.
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Legacies of Faith Vol I Legacies of Faith Vol II
Dr Ed Erny
Ed Erny, 40-year missionary and author of many OMS books, has compiled two volumes of inspirational and insightful readings. He shares excerpts from classics in Christian literature through the years in a daily devotional format covering an entire year in each volume.
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Let God Guide You Daily
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
Can you and I learn to receive God's guidance so naturally and continuously that guidance becomes our spiritual lifestyle? Can daily guidance become such a joy that when crucial decisions need to be made, we can receive a deep inner assurance of God's will? This book will help you be spiritually prepared for God's direction, be able to recognise His counsel and be spiritually empowered to act accordingly. God wants us to know His will.
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Let the Rocks Cry Out
Rachel Picaza
A 50-year history of missionary Radio Station 4VEH and associated ministries of OMS International (formerly Oriental Missionary Society) 1950-2000
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The Lord of Bellavista
David Miller
Bellavista prison in Medellín, Columbia, was one of the bloodiest in the world. When a riot broke out in 1989, instead of ordering a military take-over, the warden gave Oscar Osorio, former inmate and volunteer chaplain, permission to hold a prayer meeting inside the prison. Today the prison is a changed place. Even non-Christian inmates say that Jesus Christ has become the Lord of Bellavista.
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Measure Your Life
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
How does God measure a Christian's life to determine whether rewards in heaven will be great or small? Using scripture Dr Duewel shows that life is a stewardship to be lived unto the Lord, an investment that reaps eternal dividends. He then discusses 17 standards by which God evaluates our lives, suggesting practical ways to spend His gift of time wisely.
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Mighty Prevailing Prayer
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
Are you longing for power in prayer, the ability to get urgent and needed answers to difficult and resistant situations? God has the solution to every problem, and He wants you to experience His prayer-answering power. Described as "no kindergarten book on prayer but a summons to the battlefield," Mighty Prevailing Prayer will challenge, inspire, and motivate every Christian to a deeper level of intercession. You will want to read and refer to it often.
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Missionary Warrior
Lettie B. Cowman, condensed by Lois Kempton
If you ever wanted to peer into the mind and heart of a great missionary statesman, then read about the life of Charles Cowman, one of the founders of the Oriental Missionary Society (present-day OMS International). As a telegraph operator in Chicago, Charles led 75 of his co-workers to Christ within six months of his own conversion. After forming the Telegraph's Mission Band, Charles and wife, Lettie, arrived in Japan on February 1, 1901, to work with Juji Nakada in evangelisation, church planting, and training.
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More God More Power
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Is walking in the Spirit your daily experience? Do you long for a deeper walk of transformation and spiritual growth? In More God, More Power Dr. Wesley Duewel shares truths about the Holy Spirit that can powerfully affect your Christian walk. You will discover a balanced approach to living a life marked by the Spirit's presence.
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My Grave Was No. 12
Compiled by Ed Erny
Marvel at unparalleled accounts of transformed lives from OMS work around the world. You'll read about a young seminarian saved from a Communist death squad, a rebellious son of a Haitian pastor awakened by a disaster at sea, a prisoner refusing to relinquish hope despite 11 hellish years in Communist prisons, a town bully and feared kung-fu fighter learning about God through his curiosity of the English language, a prominent Filipino radio and TV personality finding Christ after personal disappointments, and many others.
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Nobie Pope Sively with Ed Erny
By all odds Nobie Pope should never have been a missionary. At age 43 and with an eighth-grade education, Nobie, a dental assistant, braved the odds to obey God's call to Columbia, South America. Using dental skills as a wedge for her Christian witness she played a major role in establishing 27 congregations along Columbia's waterways. Rejecting any personal credit, however, she focuses on the vital role of praying friends back home.
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No Guarantee But God
Ed and Esther Erny
By faith, with no guarantee but God, Charles Cowman, Lettie Cowman, Ernest Kilbourne, and Juji Nakada embarked on an adventure with God that began a missionary organisation in Japan in 1901 which today spans the globe. Read the short at the turn of the last century - full of answered prayers, miracles, unbelievable challenges, heartaches, and victories.
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Prayer of Jabez
Bruce Wilkinson
Do you want to be extravagantly blessed by God? Are you ready to reach for the extraordinary? To ask God for the abundant blessings He longs to give you? Join Bruce Wilkinson to discover how the remarkable prayer of a little-known Bible hero can release God's favour, power and protection. You'll see how one daily prayer can help you leave the past behind and break through to the life you were meant to live.
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Princess in the Kingdom
Evelyn Lallemand with Ed Erny
Evelyn Lallemand shares her story not to impress the reader that she is someone special but rather show that all her privileges - her rich aristocratic Haitian background, famous ancestors, and elite upbringing - were, when the bottom fell out of life, no defence against anger, fear, bitterness, or despair. From Haiti to New York to Taipei, Evelyn struggled until she found Christ in the midst of a ten-year-long inferno of difficulty and pain.
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Revival Fire
Dr Wesley L. Duewel
Fire blazes from heaven and a stone altar erupts in flame. So begins a spiritual awakening, the kindling of a revival fire still burning today. Beginning with Elijah and God's tremendous one-day revival of Israel. Dr Duewel tells stories of revivals spanning the globe from America to China to Africa, all brought by obedience and heartfelt prayer. This book illustrates how God has used revival fire through the centuries to revive the church and reveal the glorious presence of the Holy Spirit.
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Story Behind Streams - paperback
Lettie B. Cowman with Ed Erny
Listed among the 20 most widely read books of all time, Streams in the Desert was born out of the suffering that Lettie Cowman endured during her husband Charles' six-year battle with heart disease. Until that point in their lives, the Cowmans had been actively involved in the Oriental Missionary Society (present-day OMS International) in 1901. The discovery of her diary from 1924, the year Charles died, prompted the publishing of these excerpts written during the long months of her husbands ordeal. This is a special book for anyone struggling to find meaning in affliction and apparently unanswered prayer.
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Streams UK - paperback Volume I
Daily readings
An inspirational favourite since it was first published seventy years ago. Streams in the Desert continues to offer daily refreshment, encouragement and renewal. Written during a time of great difficulty in her own life, Mrs Cowman calls on spiritual writers from across the centuries to affirm her belief that in all of life's experiences, welcome and unwelcome, "a glimpse of Christ's loving face " can be seen. £8.99 - Order at jemail("reception","omssa","co.za");
Streams UK - paperback Volume II
For years the beloved classic devotional has sustained and replenished God's weary desert travellers in life's dry, desolate places. Now, bursting forth like a sparkling clear river of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration, the revised, updated edition in modern, easy-to-understand language beautifully captures the timeless essence of the original devotional.
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Streams - Calendar
Following the pathway of obedience to God's call on their lives, Charles and Lettie Cowman journeyed to Japan. There with co-workers E.A Kilbourne and Juji Nakada they founded the Oriental Missionary Society , now known as OMS International. God continues to be faithful in the nearly 100 year journey of OMS International. Ministering in 17 countries OMS continues the major emphasis of its founders. Evangelism, church planting and theological education. The OMS world includes 26 seminaries and Bible schools. 3,500 churches and a constituency of over one million believers plus countless national co-workers. An ever-expanding vision keeps OMS international on the cutting edge entering the 21st century.
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Stretched But Not Broken
Lois P. Miller
The portrait of a missionary. Prior to her marriage to the Reverend Bill Miller, Lois was active as soloist in Youth for Christ rallies and citywide campaigns. She studied in Cleveland where she met her husband. They served in the pastorate almost six years before going to Ecuador in 1954 under OMS International. Lois gave much energy to a fruitful ministry among women there. The Millers' success in establishing good relationships with people prompted OMS to request that they be part of the pioneer team in Spain in 1973. In Spain Lois employed her gifts in administration, creative Bible studies, and music ministries as she chaired the Madrid Women's Union, Prayer Conferences, planned and led spiritual life retreats, and was partner to her husband in church planting ministries. For two years Lois and her husband served in administration in Greece, Christian periodicals, speaks for women's retreats and presents dramatic monodramas of Bible women.
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The Vision Lives
B. H. Pearson
If Streams in the Desert has touched you, then read this profile of its author, Mrs. Lettie Cowman. You'll experience what passed in Mrs. Cowman's mind and heart - the great purposes for which she lived - rather than descriptions of where she travelled or a mere chronology of her activities. If you feel the breath of her life quickening you, the strong beat of her heart strengthening you, the passion of her spirit setting your soul aflame, then, of a truth, The Vision Lives.
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This One Thing
Ed Erny
From a son's perspective, Ed Erny personally portrays the life of his father, Eugene, missionary to China and India with his wife, Esther, as well as president of OMS International for 20 years. Under his inspired leadership the number of OMS missionaries increased tenfold and new fields were opened in Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. His life and career typify the words of the Apostle Paul, This one thing I do, ... I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God.
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Thrice Through the Valley
Valetta Steel with Ed Erny
Valetta Steel Crumley is the sole survivor of her entire immediate family. Her oldest child, Danny, died with leukemia at the age of two. Soon after his death, her husband, Henry, was diagnosed with Hodkin's disease. Leaving the pastorate to join OMS International, he gave the final months of his life to the cause of world missions. Valetta travelled another valley when her remaining children, 17-year-old Leon and 15-year-old Lorna, were killed in an auto accident. She continued to work at OMS headquarters often challenging others for the cause of missions until she left for Taiwan to minister eight years through OMS' Chung-Tai English ministries. As a result of her being raped by an intruder, a violent criminal, Valetta's Christian impact on the Taiwanese deepened. Returning to OMS headquarters in 1991, Valetta worked with new missionaries. And on September 24, 1994 she married Dr. Al Crumley.
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Touch the World Through Prayer
Dr. Wesley L. Duewel
God has a wonderful plan by which the ordinary Christian can become mighty in prayer for the reaping of Christ's harvest among the nations. Besides giving specific Bible promises to claim in intercessory prayer, Dr. Duewel describes how to pray in Jesus' name and counteract Satan's influence. He also provides step-by-step plans for making a prayer list, organizing a prayer circle, and holding a prayer retreat. YOU can make a world of difference through prayer.
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Under Sentence of Death
Ed Erny
The story of Valetta Steels Crumley's first husband, Henry Steel. (See Thrice Through the Valley above) R20.00 - Order at jemail("reception","omssa","co.za");
A Watered Garden
Compiled by Alice Huff and Eleanor Burr
A Watered Garden continues in the tradition of Streams in the Desert. The unique, 13-week daily devotional was written by missionaries whose discoveries will propel the reader to new understanding and involvement as a world Christian. In addition, their unveiling of their own frailties and failures shows missionaries to be fallible humans, longing for supportive prayer.
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What Now, Lord?
Margret Brabon with Ed Erny
As a young wife and mother, Margret Brabon and her husband, Harold, were called by God to be pioneer missionaries with OMS in Columbia and Ecuador. A beautiful romance and an exciting adventure, her testimony of their step-by-step obedience to the Lord's will is most of all an inspiring tribute to His faithfulness and protection of a family "sold out" to Him.
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Where Stony Ground is Broken
Lois P. Miller
Lois Miller's expression of how the church of Jesus Christ is becoming a force in Ecuador, South America. Lois and her husband, Bill, became missionaries with OMS in 1954 and have served for 47 years in three countries on two continents. They served from 1955-1972 in Ecuador and then went on to serve in the new OMS work in Spain. Lois devoted her energies to church planting, music, Bible studies and retreats for women, children's Bible classes and discipleship among adolescents and their families. Lois also had a fruitful ministry among prostitutes and women prisoners in Guayaquil. They have ratified in their own experience the wisdom of the OMS International founders, that the citizens of a country and not missionaries from abroad are the key to successful evangelism, church planting, and training for leadership of the churches and other Christian institutions and ministries. Even though statistics show that approximately four percent of Ecuador's population now gives testimony to knowing Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, much area remains to be covered for the Gospel. The spiritual ground is hard in some places, stony, and unbroken. Our God is the Lord who responds to hard things - to difficult challenges. This book gives the reader opportunity to believe more stalwartly that there is nothing too hard for God.
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With Two Suitcases and a Carry-On
Harold and Ruth Greenlee
Share the fascinating joys, hurts, cultural enrichments, surprises, and encounters with "Murphy's Law" from the perspective of Harold and Ruth Greenlee's 25 years as OMS International missionaries. They don't preach or moralize - just "tell it like it was". As you finish the book, you will agree with the last two chapters: "It's Been Fun!" and "It's Been Worth It"
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Yippee In My Soul
Margret Bonnette with Ed Erny. Laugh and cry with Margret as she proves that 20 years of identifying with the poverty and needs of Haiti, ministering to the poorest of the poor in remote mountain villages, never robbed her of the zest for living and serving the Lord. Reading about her escapes and escapades as an OMS missionary, you can almost hear her joyous laugh, singing heart, and holy "yippee".
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